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The week of vacation is over, which should explain why there was no Overheard this week. Weekly updates resume Saturday. Also, happy Independence Day to all fellow Americans! Celebrate safely.


Summer’s Over…

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Random Stuff
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Another summer draws to a close. How do I know?

When the only annoying song I can come up with is (high squeaky voices please, to be extra annoying sing off key on purpose):

I knew a squirrel,

His name was Merle,

He was an earl,

Of many squirrels!

(Repeat ∞)

(Bold=Long and drawn out)

This song keeps coming up on my Ipod.

I realized football is only 3 days away.

My fantasy football season started today with a live draft.

I had to put together all my 9th grade stuff, a sign that it is officially done with, but…

I had to unpack all my 10th grade stuff. A sign that I have some stuff to do that isn’t anywhere near being officially done with.

An awesome summer Bible study of Ecclesiastes came to an end with a two page paper. (Look for it here sometime this week.)

Political races have begun to heat up again. Speaking of which, Jan Brewer needs to get a new speechwriter. That, or take some ginkgo biloba.

The fall soccer season began last Friday! Wait, that means…