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I’m sure you are all wondering how you were supposed to break the code that the clue was encased in. Well, I’m here to set the record straight. Prepare yourself for a post about codes!

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What does it mean? How would one go about cracking it? Let’s take a look at the provided hint:

All rails lead to Rome.

So let us look at that more in depth. “All” means everything. “Rails” means what? As a whole you can observe that this is a changed version of “All roads lead to Rome.” But what does “rails” mean? Let’s take a look at some well known codes and ciphers.

I couldn’t find any lists online.

The one I used here can be called a zigzag cipher, but is is more commonly known as a Rail Fence cipher! Of course, I didn’t go that easy. I also used a Caesar Cipher afterward to further encrypt my message!

Caesar cipher with a shift of 3.

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Llohuwqdhnbhfpfwuljkvdxgb zoezlljzhozerlvdwqwlVwud

After first decrypting the Caesar Cipher by shifting every letter back 3 times…


Makes perfect nonsense.

But now, before reading further, attempt yourself to decrypt the above with your knowledge of the rail fence cipher to break the code.

In the meantime, I will provide you with suitable music to help you out.

Good music, hmm?

And now that this is complete…


And now you know.

In retrospect, I could have provided a clearer hint. The rails leading to Rome made it sound like you were supposed to do the rail fence first, then the Caesar. Sorry to all who couldn’t figure it out due to that. Be back next Saturday for more laughs!


Epic Code Hint

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Random Stuff
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Here is a spoiler for what I’ll be doing….if you can crack the Epic Code, that is.

Llohuwqdhnbhfpfwuljkvdxgb zoezlljzhozerlvdwqwlVwud


I will be providing a full rundown on how to crack the code and solutions for all the upcoming spoilers.

But here is a hint on how to break the above code:

All rails lead to Rome.