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Posted: May 11, 2011 in Deep Thoughts, Poetry
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This was a song that I wrote. I’ve got the whole melody in my head, and I sang it for the family once, and every time I sing it, it brings tears to my eyes at its sense of victory and justice.


Ringing out, a quiet shout,

We’re singing to the Sun.

And we know, from far below,

We’re dancing beneath the Moon.

Floating through, its fiery hue,

We’re singing to the Sun.

Flying towards, its burning core

We are inside the Sun.

The brilliance reflects, in the flares,

The flares swerve and bend,

And then it sends to us

A message,

From the moon.

Reflecting off the sunlight,

The moon casts a pale gaze,

We wonder and we tremble

For all of our days.

The white dust of the land,

Seeps slowly through my hand,

As I gaze, at the landscape,

of the moon.

He is the source of sunlight,

We must reflect His rays.

We’ll see Him and we’ll tremble

For all of our days…

As we know, from words you wrote,

We dance, beneath, the moon.