Summer’s Over…

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Random Stuff
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Another summer draws to a close. How do I know?

When the only annoying song I can come up with is (high squeaky voices please, to be extra annoying sing off key on purpose):

I knew a squirrel,

His name was Merle,

He was an earl,

Of many squirrels!

(Repeat ∞)

(Bold=Long and drawn out)

This song keeps coming up on my Ipod.

I realized football is only 3 days away.

My fantasy football season started today with a live draft.

I had to put together all my 9th grade stuff, a sign that it is officially done with, but…

I had to unpack all my 10th grade stuff. A sign that I have some stuff to do that isn’t anywhere near being officially done with.

An awesome summer Bible study of Ecclesiastes came to an end with a two page paper. (Look for it here sometime this week.)

Political races have begun to heat up again. Speaking of which, Jan Brewer needs to get a new speechwriter. That, or take some ginkgo biloba.

The fall soccer season began last Friday! Wait, that means…


  1. findingthemotherlode says:

    Oh, and one more sign that summer is over…your mother is making chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the start of school!

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