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And Now…..

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Baseball Talk
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The long-awaited preview of the 2009 Washington Nationals baseball season is finally here.

I’m predicting fifth place (yet again) with a 65-95 record. GM Jim Bowden did not buy any new free agents and the team is still waiting for its farm system to produce something. By the time the next Derek Jeter or A-Rod comes around, we might all be living in cardboard boxes. What the team  really needs is pitching. They thought John Patterson was their ace-to-be, then he kept getting hurt. Then it was Shawn Hill, and he started getting hurt. There are no bright spots to point out. At best, they might be able to make it to fourth place, with a record around 72-88.

P.S. Tomorrow comes the epic— the preview for the entire season of baseball!!!


Well, it’s all over, and boy, was this one for the ages. (Don’t we hear that every year?) The game  was a close one with some new records set, but finally the Steelers won it 27-23 and became the first franchise to win 6 championships.

The game’s first score was a rushing touchdown by Gary Russell, which put the Steelers up 7-0. Next, Jeff Reed kicked the shortest field goal in Super Bowl history, an 18-yarder which made it 10-0.  The Cardinals scored off a touchdown pass by Kurt Warner, who had stumbled earlier during the play, but kept his balance and threw it in the corner. Next, they drove deep to the end zone again, but on the next play the ball was picked off by James Harrison. Harrison followed blocking all the way to the end zone for the longest interception return for a touchdown ever-100 yards. He made a fumble recovery but it was declared incomplete.

Pittsburgh made another field goal which put them up 20-7, but Arizona came roaring back with a 1-yard pass for a touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald. The Steelers were then put deep on their own 1-yard line off of a punt with 3rd and 20 to go, or something like that. Ben Roethlisberger made a great pass to Santonio Holmes for a first down, but what?!? Holding, offense. Safety. Then the Cardinals scored again with a long touchdown pass and run to Fitzgerald. Yet again, he evaded all defenders and made his way for a touchdown putting them up 23-20. With 2 minutes left the Steelers drove all the way to the end zone. Then, a Ben Roethlisberger pass to Santonio Holmes. In the corner of the end zone. With 3 DBs on him. The world held its breath. He came down to earth.


When the Cardinals got the ball back, they tried to drive for the touchdown, but to no avail. Lamar Woodleyforced a fumble and the Steelers fell on it, clinching the game. Penalties plagued the Cardinals all game long, and they led to some costly first downs for the Steelers. Santonio Holmes was awarded the MVP award, as he well deserved.

But the season is over and I can’t  wait for next year!!!

P.S. Sorry, but Wednesday I’ll preview the Nationals future for the upcoming baseball season.

Super Bowl!!

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Football Talk
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The Steelers and the Cardinals have fought their way to the Super Bowl. The Steelers through the obstacles of the Chargers and Ravens and the Cardinals through the obstacles of the Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles. The Steelrs won a hard fought game vs. the Ravens and the Cardinals squeaked it out versus the Eagles. Now the two teams will face each other in the 43rd Super Bowl in Tampa. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Arizona Cardinals. This will surely be a good matchup!

Till then,


P.S. Coming Thursday: My pick for the Super Bowl!

P.P.S. Coming next Monday: an outlook on the 2009 Washington Nationals season.

P.P.P.S. Coming the Thursday after the upcoming one: an outlook of the entire baseball season.