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Ah, another season of The Amazing Race has ended. This year, the winner was two brother and sister lawyers, Tammy and Victor. The gang first had to season a 145 lb. pig, then carry it up a long beach to a luau. They then had to cover it with a traditional covering before receiving their next clue. They then had to take a personal water craft along a 1.6 mile route to where a group of 100 buoys was located. They then had to find 1 0f 4 buoys that would reveal the next clue. The next job was the roadblock in which they always have the team member try to remember what happened in which leg of the race. In this one they had to make a surfboard fence  where the pictures were on the surfboards. Luke and Margie arrived first and Margie said that he had been preparing for this. Luke got off to a quick start and quickly put up 9 out of 11 boards. He then started struggling with the next two and Victor and Jaime showed up. Victor was able to figure it out and quickly made it through the Roadblock. Jaime struggled with the first picture but eventually made it out second. Luke and Margie finished a disappointing third.

The final standings for the 14th season of  The Amazing Race:

1. Tammy and Victor

2.Jaime and Cara

3.Margie and Luke

4.Kisha and Jen

5.Mark and Michael

6.Mel and Mike

7.Christie and Jodi

8.Amanda and Kris

9.Brad and Victoria

10.Steve and Linda

11.Preston and Jennifer


Yesterday, The Amazing Race held its 7th episode, and we had our 6th elimination.

At the beginning, the teams set off to Phuket, Thailand. They were given a picture of a gorilla, which they had to find. The gorilla was located in Phuket Zoo. All the teams discovered this, except Mel and Mike, whose Taxi driver took them to Patong Beach. There, they discovered their mistake and headed back. this cost them some time. At the zoo, the teams had to have their picture taken with a tiger, and then participate in an elephant show, which involved being lightly stepped on and squatted over. After that, they went back to the tiger handler, who gave them their picture, which had their clue on the bottom.

The clue told them to go to an ancient herb shop where they had to direct the shopkeeper to select one of 99 drawers,  and pull it out to reveal a clue–  or not! Jaime and Cara struggled with this, as they became frustrated with the man’s lack of English skills. That cost them some time.

The clue gave them a detour: 100 Barrels or 2 Miles.

In 100 barrels, teams had to go to a dock, select one of six ships and fill 47 barrels with water, and the other 53 had to be hauled up to the top deck. After this the boat captain would give them their next clue.

In 2 miles, teams had to find some rickshaws and bring them 2 miles, with their partner inside, to King Rama IX Park where they would unload and find their clue. This was tiring and it proved so later.

The clue provided them directed teams to the Pit Stop, Wat Thep Nimit Temple, where they finished in this order.

1.Tammy and Victor

2.Jaime and Cara

3.Mark and Michael

4.Margie and Luke

5.Kisha and Jen

6. Mel and Mike

As you can see, Mel and Mike fell behind early because of their taxi driver’s mistake, and never really caught up. The two were eliminated. Mark and Michael, however did arrive first, but Mark  had sabotaged the other teams during the rickshaws by sequestering  some bike pumps needed for pumping the wheels full of air, and for getting their cab driver to help guide them during the rickshaws, which was prohibited. The two incurred two 30-minute penalties and were checked in third. Margie fainted from heat stroke at the end but appeared to be okay.

Next week: The teams do some karaoke singing, and Mark and Michael start fighting.

Another week of The Amazing Race  is complete, and this week the eliminated team was Christie and Jodi. More on that in a few paragraphs.

The race started out with the team being told to fly to Jaipur, India and find a sacred tree. Underneath the tree were telephones with directions saying to call one of the numbers for their next clue. That told the teams to head to the Amber Fort where they performed a roadblock in which they had to dump camel feed up to a certain point and put water in a troughuntil the water spilled out of a hole in the side of the trough. Mel and Mike made up some ground here. Mel obeyed the directions the correct way by using the baskets for the feed instead of the buckets for both, which everyone else was doing. This helped them catch up.

After this the teams were told to go to a puppet store to get their next clue.

The teams then had a detour. Movers or Shakers. In Movers, they had to bicycle their way 1.5 miles through the crowded streets to this gate. While carrying  bunches of barrels of hay. After that they would unload , and search through the buckets for a metal elephant which they presented to a nearby man for their next clue. Mark and Michael did this and it cost them some time.

In Shakers, the teams had to put on traditional costumes and collect 100 rupees while dancing, then present it to the band leader who would give then their next clue.

The clue told them to go to the Pit Stop, Jaigarh Fort. The teams arrived in this order:

1. Tammy and Victor

2. Mel and Mike

3. Kisha and Jen

4. Margie and Luke

5. Jaime and Cara

6. Mark and Michael

7. Christie and Jodi

After receiving a passover of elimination, C&J had to do a Speed Bump, a task only they had to complete. This was painting an elephant to a local mahout’s satisfaction. This cost them some time and resulted in their elimination.

Tammy and Victor won an ocean kayak each as a reward for their win of the leg.

Next week: Margie looks like she collapses at the finish line.

Well, another leg is over and another team has been eliminated— or not! Christie and Jodi finished last in this leg, but were surprised to hear this was 1 of 2 non-elimination legs. Even so, this means they’ll have to complete a Speed Bump, which is a task only they have to complete.

The winners were Luke and Margie, and their prize was a trip to Saint Lucia.

In order of finish:

1.Luke and Margie

2.Tammy and Victor

3. Jaime and Cara

4.Mel and Mike

5.Mark and Michael

6.Kisha and Jen

7.Christie and Jodi

Next week it looks like they’ll be in India taking care of camels. Be there!

Well, I have not written about the Amazing race for some time (in fact I haven’t blogged in weeks which I apologize for). But the three teams who were eliminated , by leg, were:

Leg 2: Steve and Linda

Leg 3: Brad and Victoria

Leg 4: Amanda and Kris

Amanda and Kris were a real shocker, but not totally surprising considering the U-Turn.

Brad and Victoria were caught by a fumbled miss of a plane, which cost them the race.

Steve and Linda were just too old and too slow.

Let’s us see what happens next week!

P.S. Luke, whom I am rooting for, is finishing a consistent 4th with his mom, Margie. That’ll get you into the top three eventually!

The Amazing Race 14 Week 1

Posted: February 16, 2009 in The Amazing Race

Well, here’s a new topic for me. I hope other people out there like this show. It’s a great mixture of comedy, challenge and reality game show racing.

Last week we started the fourteenth season of: ” A race around the world.”

The teams are, in order of finish:

1. Margie and Luke

2. Tammy and Victor

3. Mark and Michael

4. Mel and Mike

5. Amanda and Kris

6.Brad and Victoria

7.Jaime and Cara

8.Kisha and Jen

9. Steve and Linda

10. Christie and Jodi

11. Preston and Jennifer

Last week Preston and Jennifer were eliminated after failing to find the pit stop by going the wrong way. Christie and Jodi made it instead. The first deaf contestant, Luke, of Margie and Luke wants to show the world that deaf people can do things to, at which you could see Victor crying off to the side. The two won a trip to Mexico for being in first at the Pit Stop.

There were no detours in this leg, but there was a great roadblock in which contestants bungee-jumped off the second highest dam in the world. This cost Christie and Jodi some time as Jodi felt sick and did not want to do it, but eventually did. One hilarious part was where contestants had to go up a slick, muddy hill and transport 200 lbs. of cheese down using traditional methods (or not!). The best part was when they would slip and fall, the carrier would break, and the cheese would go rolling down the hill. THAT was hilarious!! The title of this episode “Don’t let a cheese hit me”, is from Mel, who said that after watching a cheese roll away right next to him.

Next week, it seems that Margie and Luke get “creamed”, and some team , I forget who, has another argument which, as always, will be resolved at the end with beautiful music and the saying of how they want to be with each other and how much they love each other.