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Posted: August 6, 2009 in Baseball Talk

We’re just past the halfway point of the Washington Nationals’ baseball season and they are not doing that bad. Their record is 37-72. Not bad*. They are only 25.5 games out from the division leaders the Philadelphia Phillies and 23.5 games out from the wild card spot.

They have been playing better lately, after getting a new manager by the name of Jim Riggleman, who is being called the interim manager. He replaced Manny Acta on July 12 and the team has recently gone on a few hot winning streaks including one recent and still going as of this writing. This is a five game winning streak, which began with two wins over the Pirates, and then their first sweep of the year, over the Marlins. The Nationals have displayed a series of comebacks lately, contrary to their  bullpen’s “ability” to lose games in the late going.

Hopefully their success will continue into next year and we’ll have some good divisional competition from the Nationals.

Coming soon: A look at the 2009-10 Redskins season and a new chapter of my book!

*Sarcasm Invoked Here.


Alright, here they are, the picks for the playoffs.

In the National League, I have the Phillies taking on the Mets and the Cubs vs. the Dodgers. I think it’ll be the Dodgers and Phillies who win and then the Phillies make it back to the World Series!

Meanwhile in the American League, the Yankees battle the Rays and the White Sox duel the Angels. I’m betting on the Yankees and Angels winning their series with the Yankees winning the championship.

Then, in the World Series, I take the Yankees over the Phillies in 6 games!

Who do you think will win the Series this year?

Welcome back to the baseball previews for this season. Remember, I’m your host, thisoldsoul, and —– what? No, I have not recently taken steroids, Your Honor. Dang, those guys are everywhere.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the American League:

AL East

1. New York Yankees

2. Tampa Bay Rays

3. Boston Red Sox

4. Toronto Blue Jays

5. Baltimore Orioles

AL Central

1. Chicago White Sox

2. Minnesota Twins

3. Cleveland Indians

4. Kansas City Royals

5. Detroit Tigers

AL West

1. LA Angels

2. Oakland Athletics

3. Texas Rangers

4. Seattle Mariners


My wild card pick is the Rays. Tomorrow or Saturday, I will post my predictions for the playoffs and who I think will win the World Series!


Posted: February 12, 2009 in Baseball Talk

That’s what the Red Sox fans will be chanting this season. Alex Rodriguez was discovered to have used steroids in the 2003 baseball season. The year he won the MVP. Go figure. This guy has been hounded about steroids for years, and it all comes clean now. He says he is sorry, but is he really? I sort of don’t believe him. Another Michael Phelps. Another sports star going down the drain. This will make his career one of those with an asterisk. All these guys discovered to have used steroids could create a new category in fantasy sports. Positive Tests. This would result in immediate disqualification of this player from the league, and all gained points by said player would be nullified. Seriously. Let’s get real here, people. Steroids are wrong. I’m tired of this junk of, “Oh, I injected him a couple of years ago.” Blah, blah, blah ,blah, blah. MLB should automatically ban anyone who has used steroids, and also nullify all their personal accomplishments in the game, including, but not limited to, records, personal statistics, etc. Like they never existed. Because, in a way, they never did. 2003 A-Rod never existed. Why? Because the A-Rod who used steroids became a different A-Rod. A-Rod pre-2003 died. A new man was born. And he was called……


2009 National League Preview

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Baseball Talk
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Alright, you’ve all been waiting for this moment and here it is. The official 2009 National League baseball season preview!


I’m your host, thisoldsoul, and in this part, I’ll be talking about my picks for the upcoming year, and what certain teams need to do this year. Including my kind of beloved Washington Nationals.

Well, here goes nothing.

National League East

1.Philadelphia Phillies

2. New York Mets

3. Atlanta Braves

4.Florida Marlins

5. Washington Nationals

National League Central

1.Chicago Cubs

2. Milwaukee Brewers

3. Houston Astros

4.St. Louis Cardinals

5. Cincinnati Reds

6.Pittsburgh Pirates

National League West

1.Los Angeles Dodgers

2.Arizona Diamondbacks

3.Colorado Rockies

4.San Diego Padres

5. San Fransisco Giants

Wow, that wasn’t so hard. Oh and my wild card pick is the New York Mets.

P.S. Next Thursday, my picks for the upcoming American League!

And Now…..

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Baseball Talk
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The long-awaited preview of the 2009 Washington Nationals baseball season is finally here.

I’m predicting fifth place (yet again) with a 65-95 record. GM Jim Bowden did not buy any new free agents and the team is still waiting for its farm system to produce something. By the time the next Derek Jeter or A-Rod comes around, we might all be living in cardboard boxes. What the team  really needs is pitching. They thought John Patterson was their ace-to-be, then he kept getting hurt. Then it was Shawn Hill, and he started getting hurt. There are no bright spots to point out. At best, they might be able to make it to fourth place, with a record around 72-88.

P.S. Tomorrow comes the epic— the preview for the entire season of baseball!!!