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It seems like only five months have passed since I posted that the blog had finally reached 2000 views (and counting). Probably because it has been five months. And 20 days. But the fact remains that the little ticker on the lower left-hand side of the page now shows 3900+ views. Which, frankly, is shocking. In less than half a year, I had 1600 hits here. According to the handy summary tables that WordPress provides, it took me all of 2009 to reach 1000. And then another 1000 were added on during 2010. But now, after 4.5 months of 2011 have officially passed? A staggering 1769 page clicks in total. Keep in mind that is the first 1/3 of the year. April was my highest month ever, registering 530 views. More than half of all of 2009 and 2010 respectively. I must say, the webcomic has really been the thing that has driven the views up so high. Of course, I have done other stuff. And I am meaning to get back to some more thought-provoking posts, I just have not had the time. As of now, I plan on posting one post with words and one comic every week. I would eventually like to be updating Overheard more than once a week.

But before I digress.

  • The average per day per month has gone steadily up, from 3, then 13, 14, 18, and now 19.
  • The average per day per year has gone up from 3 to 13.
  • My busiest day was February 19, 2011. 92 views. That was the day of Overheard #1.

Thanks to everyone who has checked me out, and an extra special thanks to those who check back every week for more Overheard and other things! Comment with your thoughts on these numbers, and if you liked this post, subscribe in the top of the left hand toolbar!

P.S. Weird tag of the day: “Canadian Cancer Society” was suggested.



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Check out that hair.

Who is that kid?

As a side commentary, I love how my drumming style has really changed over the years. I no longer force something to happen (usually), now I just let the music flow (usually). If you live near me, and you play a musical instrument, dial me up. I’m ready to jam.


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Starting today, I will effectively be shutting down my blog. No more posts, comics, no more anything from me.

I’m sure you are all wondering how you were supposed to break the code that the clue was encased in. Well, I’m here to set the record straight. Prepare yourself for a post about codes!

Llohuwqdhnbhfpfwuljkvdxgb zoezlljzhozerlvdwqwlVwud

What does it mean? How would one go about cracking it? Let’s take a look at the provided hint:

All rails lead to Rome.

So let us look at that more in depth. “All” means everything. “Rails” means what? As a whole you can observe that this is a changed version of “All roads lead to Rome.” But what does “rails” mean? Let’s take a look at some well known codes and ciphers.

I couldn’t find any lists online.

The one I used here can be called a zigzag cipher, but is is more commonly known as a Rail Fence cipher! Of course, I didn’t go that easy. I also used a Caesar Cipher afterward to further encrypt my message!

Caesar cipher with a shift of 3.

Image via Wikipedia

Llohuwqdhnbhfpfwuljkvdxgb zoezlljzhozerlvdwqwlVwud

After first decrypting the Caesar Cipher by shifting every letter back 3 times…


Makes perfect nonsense.

But now, before reading further, attempt yourself to decrypt the above with your knowledge of the rail fence cipher to break the code.

In the meantime, I will provide you with suitable music to help you out.

Good music, hmm?

And now that this is complete…


And now you know.

In retrospect, I could have provided a clearer hint. The rails leading to Rome made it sound like you were supposed to do the rail fence first, then the Caesar. Sorry to all who couldn’t figure it out due to that. Be back next Saturday for more laughs!

Epic Code Hint

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Here is a spoiler for what I’ll be doing….if you can crack the Epic Code, that is.

Llohuwqdhnbhfpfwuljkvdxgb zoezlljzhozerlvdwqwlVwud


I will be providing a full rundown on how to crack the code and solutions for all the upcoming spoilers.

But here is a hint on how to break the above code:

All rails lead to Rome.



I think not. However, during December I drew some pictures using MS Paint. Simple, yet effective. These are not high quality pictures, nor are they any good. I just liked ’em when I drew ’em.

Stuffy Artist Mode on.

I have entitled the file which contains the pictures “Doodles.”  Don’t worry, these are perfectly harmless. Usually. The first…

Crazy Fireworks

One of my first. In fact, the first one I made. It gets better.

Rectangular Pyramid

Another early one. I was still in the middle of squares.

Colorful Square Vortex

More squares, but more interesting.


Keyboard strokes come together to make a face.


Look the word up. You’ll get the joke.


The worst of the Grandma’s Christmas Sweaters Collection.

Primary Colored Cube

“I just happen to have a chance cube here.” I know the chance cube was red and blue, but come on, give me a break!

Tiger Stripes

Eye of the tiger.

The Time Tunnel

This was an attempt to accurately depict part of the theme song from the 1960s show The Time Tunnel.

Shore Road

At this point, I was drawing random things.

Patriots Logo

Used the real logo as reference, but everything else is hand-to-mouse drawn.

Blue Screen of Death

My favorite one. Watch for the hidden jokes, like the hidden HAHAs and 0MB of SHEEP.

There you have 13 images of staggering beauty and/or staggering ugliness. Take your pick. Which were your favorites? Comment and tell me what you think!

I’ve had this post stored away for so long, I decided to finish it and put something on my blog. Long ago, Plinky asked what superpower I would want to have. I’m not sure. Three, however, come to mind.


Where's his head?!

I would have the ability to become invisible. Certain drawbacks apply like when the car can’t see you but continues to drive towards you, but the intelligence services would snap me up in a jiffy. Doing invisible spy work would be great fun.


Note how the hands aren't moving.

The ability to freeze time, reverse it or fast forward it.
This would be perfect for saving the person from the falling car.

3. And finally, the ability to control electricity.

Your feelings betray you...

No, not like that. Well, maybe. But to be able to enter power conduits and stop the flow of current from one place to another. That would be awesome in my book. And then being able to blast the electricity to take out guards or enemies.

All three would be extremely pleasant to have, even if I only was able to use one. I realize that the likelihood of this happening is extremely slim (read: impossible), but one can always dream!

What types of superpowers would you like to have? Weigh in with your ideas!