And Now…..

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Baseball Talk
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The long-awaited preview of the 2009 Washington Nationals baseball season is finally here.

I’m predicting fifth place (yet again) with a 65-95 record. GM Jim Bowden did not buy any new free agents and the team is still waiting for its farm system to produce something. By the time the next Derek Jeter or A-Rod comes around, we might all be living in cardboard boxes. What the team  really needs is pitching. They thought John Patterson was their ace-to-be, then he kept getting hurt. Then it was Shawn Hill, and he started getting hurt. There are no bright spots to point out. At best, they might be able to make it to fourth place, with a record around 72-88.

P.S. Tomorrow comes the epic— the preview for the entire season of baseball!!!

  1. AD says:

    I’d still like to go check out a game this year!

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