Posted: November 24, 2011 in Deep Thoughts
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According to my “Webster’s Third New International Dictionary”, the very definition of “thankful” is:

‘not expressing or feeling gratitude’

My bad, that’s thankless. Ah, here we are!

‘conscious of benefit received and kindly disposed toward the benefactor’

Much better. Although it’s hard to wade through that. So let’s examine this, eh?

“Conscious of benefit.” Conscious meaning aware of, benefit meaning something good happening. So we can take this to mean that when one is thankful, they are aware of good stuff happening. The next word being received, we can take this to mean that being thankful means that one is aware of good stuff happening to themselves.

“Kindly disposed toward the benefactor.”

I take this to mean that not only should one be aware of the good stuff happening to them, but also of a pleasant manner towards the one causing the good stuff to happen to them.

My benefactor is God.

He is the one who has strengthened me through times of trial, through times of loneliness, pain, and fear. The benefit He has given me has been His Word, and the God-breathed truth inside of it.

And what is my response?

Well, I should be thankful. But the issue at hand is that I’m not always conscious of the benefit my benefactor has given me. There are definitely times in which I realize, “WOW. That was totally God answering prayer,” or, “WOW. God really knows what He’s doing, eh?” or whatever the circumstances. But not always do I realize this, and in fact all of us are prone to boast in ourselves, focusing on what we’ve done throughout the year, what we’ve accomplised all by ourselves, because boy, I am really able to do that on my own!

Newsflash: Nope.

God’s the One who keeps me breathing. God’s the One who keeps those electrical impulses in my brain sparking. God’s the One who keeps my heart pumping oxygen-rich blood to the various organs of my body, without which I would fall over and be dead before I hit the ground.

So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Life. The fact that God actually has decided to make us. The wonderful curiosities He built into us, and all the crazy creatures that He planted in their own special spots. Bees. As much as I don’t like ’em, they keep our flowers pollinated. Without ’em (they don’t even deserve a full “them”), you can just forget about roses, petunias, carnations, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, etc. God knew that, and from those flowers the bees create a wonderful sweet and sticky substance known as honey. He knew that too.

And then after Creation, came the fall of humanity. Sinful natured all.

Years after, untold years after, there came a man from Nazareth. He wasn’t really accepted there. He had some quite radical ideas.

He was no ordinary man. Fully man, and fully God, Jesus Christ came down from heaven on high to sacrifice Himself for humanity, to appease the Lord one final time. To defeat sin, upon the cross.

Make that two things that I’m thankful for.

And yes, there’s more. I am also thankful for my family, without whom I would be lost and confused, and my wonderful friends, without whom I would be lonely and bored. Yeah, you! That’s right! Stand up, take a bow, give yourself a hand!

Happy Thanksgiving all. Rest in the comfort of our Lord.


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