A New Career in Graphic Design?!

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Random Stuff
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I think not. However, during December I drew some pictures using MS Paint. Simple, yet effective. These are not high quality pictures, nor are they any good. I just liked ’em when I drew ’em.

Stuffy Artist Mode on.

I have entitled the file which contains the pictures “Doodles.”  Don’t worry, these are perfectly harmless. Usually. The first…

Crazy Fireworks

One of my first. In fact, the first one I made. It gets better.

Rectangular Pyramid

Another early one. I was still in the middle of squares.

Colorful Square Vortex

More squares, but more interesting.


Keyboard strokes come together to make a face.


Look the word up. You’ll get the joke.


The worst of the Grandma’s Christmas Sweaters Collection.

Primary Colored Cube

“I just happen to have a chance cube here.” I know the chance cube was red and blue, but come on, give me a break!

Tiger Stripes

Eye of the tiger.

The Time Tunnel

This was an attempt to accurately depict part of the theme song from the 1960s show The Time Tunnel.

Shore Road

At this point, I was drawing random things.

Patriots Logo

Used the real logo as reference, but everything else is hand-to-mouse drawn.

Blue Screen of Death

My favorite one. Watch for the hidden jokes, like the hidden HAHAs and 0MB of SHEEP.

There you have 13 images of staggering beauty and/or staggering ugliness. Take your pick. Which were your favorites? Comment and tell me what you think!

  1. Anthony says:

    You’re definitely gifted. I’ve worked with folks who could do no better and, in fact, did much worse!

  2. findingthemotherlode says:

    Crazy Fireworks is great, as is E-face–made me smile right away. Loved Threads, but I like fabric, so go figure. The worst of Grandma’s Christmas Sweater Collection…Ha! Tiger Stripes is great, as is Shore Road. Your graphics have a bold, classic style.

  3. DaughteroftheKing says:

    I’m rather partial to the Colorful Square Vortex, although Iconomach made me laugh 🙂 Blue Screen of Death was good too. Oh, and another idea is using your MW software and editing definitions.
    I know who to call on now if I need some intriguing graphics for web design 🙂

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