Welcome to another edition of Game of the Week!

Game of the Week: Harry Quantum: TV Go Home

My Take: A fun point-and-click adventure game, with enough challenge to keep you puzzled.

Developer: LongAnimals coded the game and robotJam did the art and animations, as they have done before and hopefully into the future.

Developer’s Description: Point and click adventure featuring the amazing detective: Harry Quantum.
Finish the adventure, and find all the extras!

Instructions: Point, and click

Tip: Some items can be combined with each other. Use this to your advantage!

The main menu of Harry Quantum: TV Go Home

Hit Play Game, and we are off!

Da office.

After the fool pities you, start looking around the office. You might find yourself getting a PIP (Private Investigation Point). There are 17 of these in the game.

When you’re done head to the farm. Find a way to attract a passing alien spaceship there, so you can go into space and get the signals.

You only have 30 moves to find all 4 signals. The game is like Reverse Minesweeper, in that you want to click near the bigger numbers.

I found all the signals!

The signal placement will be different each time you play, so you won’t be able to copy off me. No screen peeking!

The alien said don't touch it!

That probably wasn't smart...

Now the signals have gotten all mixed up in the crash. Hook the VR 9000 up and go inside to fix them!

Remember...who you are...

After puzzling about a bit, you must complete this memory game to be able exit the VR 9000.

Do that and you win!

Harry gets 100K!

But watch out for the twist at the end!

Anyway, here are this week’s challenges:

(Easy) Find 3 PIPs.

(Medium) Beat the game!

(Medium) Beat the game in under 15 minutes.

(Medium-Hard) Beat the game in under 5 minutes.

(Hard) Find all PIPs.

That’s it for this week! Remember, try to complete my challenges and comment on whether you liked this game and how hard or easy you found it. Thanks for reading and check back next week!

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