New Theme? (Or a lookback at my blog history)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Random Stuff
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I am slowly starting to consider changing my theme here on WordPress for my blog. I’ve had this theme since the beginning of my blogging career, but I have slowly gotten tired of it. Maybe because I just randomly picked it because it looked good and I wanted to say something sarcastic that I thought was funny.


If you have followed me since the beginning, you’ve known that my writing has changed a lot since the start. I began writing The Chronology of Ainigriv, and thought I was a genius for coming up with a name that was “Virginia” spelled backwards.

I moved into football writing, trying to act like the sports columnists I didn’t read and had no idea how to write like. My favorite part is that the whole time I didn’t edit my posts very well and seplled vrey poroly.

I tried to get my audience (Mom and Dad) in on the action, then after 2 votes (great poll) came up with Discovery.

I previewed some baseball.

I recapped 3 weeks of The Amazing Race that no one really cared about. If you didn’t watch it, you didn’t watch it. What was I thinking pretending to now be an entertainment TV critic?

I finally finished my book and began posting.

I started The Commenting Page with this post.

Celebrated my birthday. I turn 15 in 6 days by the way. Hint.

I then reviewed Madden 2010. Speaking of which, I haven’t played that in a while…

Then I started a new blog. 360sportsjam. By the way, I probably will never post there again. Watch me eat my words in a year or so.

I also conducted a National Pie Day poll. Chocolate Cream Pie got the win.

And then one of my favorite posts of all time. This is where I believe I want to really take my blog to. A place of musing, philosophy, thoughts, jokes, and random stuff. I talked about Heroes.

A flurry of posts came in May. I first posted about running my first 5K and some tips about it. Posted a parody video of Sunday Morning worship services.

Then I released the announcement of The Liberation of Cruinne. Here is the first part.

Then I began Plinky. First Plinky Post.

Posted the second part of The Liberation of Cruinne.

Then I talked about my life in 10 years. This one got a lot of views and some comments.

I Hulked up.

And then my most recent one. This one was odd. I don’t know why I posted this. I was trying to go somewhere with it, trying to make it sound cool, or thought-provoking, but it never really came out the way I wanted it to sound. I posted it anyway.

So after all that….

What was the point? I wanted to show everyone where I have come from and how my blog has evolved over the years.

Now for where  it is going, I already said that. Scroll back on up.

Oh, by the way, Liberation of Cruinne Part 3 IS coming. I finished writing it and am editing now.

No longer posting Discovery. I will post the first few chapters though, for pleasure.  Still writing it however.

And with that I’m done for the night. Post a comment below, subscribe to my blog, Like it above or below, follow me on Twitter, etc.

Gimme some ideas for a new theme.

Writings And Other Musings 2.0 is coming soon. The answer is not 42. Look up.

  1. Anthony says:

    Very honest. I look back at things I wrote 10 or 15 years ago and wonder what I was thinking. But that’s what happens — we grow. Keep up the great work!

  2. findingthemotherlode says:

    It’s true that to find your voice requires a few takes. But in this post, I think I’m ‘earin’ it…

  3. Hey plinky, i’m a new comer to this world of blogs. it’s good to read someone else’s queries / musings/ dilemna /whatever. I hope I can stick this out cos I would like to think I got something to say, like most people. So far whistling in the dark a bit. A lot. But your blog sort of helps me put things in perspective and I channel the great bard. No not the English dude, the other guy, Hunter S. Gonzo the great – patience kid, he says, knowledge will come in the fullness of time. And confidence? Will I ever have confidence in this new world, Mr Thompson? Confidence? Blah! Not getting a crick in the neck from bending over your words, not getting eye-strain from hours staring at the screen, that’s something to aim for. Who cares about confidence. Just write dam you, write.
    Be readin’ you plinky.

  4. Oh and thanks for the diversion in to Douglas Adams’ head.

  5. WordCrafter says:

    Whoa! That’s a mouthful to chew on! I see you’re calling me Plinky? Appreciate that, but Plinky is a website:
    Helpful for prompting ideas in your head. Anyway, never heard of Hunter Thompson, but Gonzo journalism I’ve heard faintly of. Your writing style is… interesting.

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