Posted: June 30, 2010 in Random Stuff
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If you read the post below, you will see something that says “Powered by Plinky.”

What is Plinky?

Plinky is a online answer-the-question that links with your blog. It helps with writer’s block and things like that because it gives you some ideas on what to blog about. It can even send your answer to your blog directly with the post already posted for you! Check it out!

  1. […] recently I clicked on a random blog entry on WordPress about Plinky and discovered a rich source of user-created inspiration. Plinky is a fine example of the kind of […]

  2. Missulena says:

    Thanks again for posting this about Plinky! I probably wouldn’t have found it otherwise. Yes, you are a “rich source of user-created inspiration”, as you are a user of the Web and have created those Plinky prompted blogs that are up here for the world to read.
    Keep writing!

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