The Liberation of Cruinne Part 1

Posted: May 23, 2010 in The Liberation of Cruinne
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The Liberation of Cruinne

Back and forth. Back and forth. Traveling the same steps over and over again. Through the camp. Into his tent. Around the table. Past the pillow and blanket serving as a mattress. Back out into the camp. Around the guards. Outside the furthest night patrol. And back into the camp. Around and around Hasios Politon went, too nervous to sleep. The army of Baron Lord Olc was massing just across the river to the southwest of his camp. Hasios was unsure of almost everything. How many fighters the enemy had, what types of fighters the enemy had, their placement, their strategy, and how they were going about their plans. Waiting for the latest information from his advance scouts could take a few hours, a few days, even a week. Unless…yes, there they were, flying in.

Hasios flew towards his incoming scouts, and then dismounted his gryphon just as his scouts were dismounting theirs. “1st Scouts! Report!”

“General! They well out number us. At least 50,000 to 1. There is no way we would ever defeat them.”

Hasios clapped him on the back. “Don’t worry. I have the situation well under control.”

He turned to his second-in-command, Lieutenant General Coron Farscope. “Coron, we must prepare for an attack in the morning.”

Coron shook his head. “General, that’s madness! Our losses would be staggering, and our army might even be completely destroyed. Have you-?”

“No, Coron, I have not gone insane. I simply have a few ideas and plans which I have not talked about even to you, Sidefuo, or anyone else. Now if you will excuse me, I have one plan to implement before the coming battle. Tell the troops to gather in the central circle at sunset tonight.”

“But you had that closed off—“

“It will be reopened by sunset. Now do what I tell you.

Coron, mouth agape, watched his commander walk off, head bowed. He shook his head to clear his senses, and turned to the lead scout. “Well, we might as well do what he says. Tell everyone to be ready.”


Hasios walked around, observing the preparations he had made. Excellent. Everything was in place and perfect. Seeing the confused troops all milling about the circle, with a few stragglers still coming in, he decided that it was time to spring his trap. He pulled the lever, lit the match, and watched as his work came into fruition. The torch went up, lighting another torch close by, which in turn lit another, and so on, until finally it split, went around the camp, encircled and finally came together. The flames rushed up the tall stake until they ignited a huge ball of grass, weeds, twigs, and other miscellaneous combustible items found in your local backyard.

Then it hit the explosives set inside the ball.

The troops gasped as rockets made their way into the sky, exploding and creating pictures, symbols, and most importantly

“Cruinne,” breathed Coron. He glanced at Hasios who had made his way next to him. “You got a map of Cruinne?”

“And the flag. And a picture of King Verne. I figured the troops needed to…remember. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

Hasios went up the stairs located near a conveniently located stage, and began to speak to his men.

“Friends, Cruinnians, countrymen—You know what? That one’s been used before.”

The troops laughed. Hasios smiled.

“We’ve been through this war together. We’ve lost many friends, myself included. Dariel, Gulan, Werv.”

He paused.


He moved on.

“But I’m sure they would not want us to stop now. They would want to continue fighting, to finish the enemy off! Why? Because we know we can! Because we will!”

Hasios let the fierce words settle on his men’s ears.

“Now if I still have your attention, I have some surprises in store for you tonight.”

He snapped his fingers, and 15 dragons rose from outside the camp, where they had been lying in wait for this exact moment.

Coron found himself babbling orders almost immediately. “Delma! Stop those dragons. Throw all we’ve got at ‘em. I’ll handle the traitor.”

“You’re accusing me of treason, Coron? I’m ashamed. I thought I taught you better than that. These dragons are not against us, and neither am I. Rather, they are on our side.”

Coron stared blankly, unable to comprehend this contradicting fact.

“Coron, Coron, Coron, as unbelievable as it might seem, these dragons are on the forces of good. They’re working for us. As are these.”

Centaurs sprang out all around, surrounding the infantry.

“Those are our previously unknown cavalry. And these…”

Elven archers, whirlers, and Elite Guards came walking out.

“…our good allies. Oh and King Eaion, thank you for coming.”

“Th-That’s the Elven King!” shouted Coron.

“Friend Coron, I beg you not to shout in the presence of royalty. It displeases them, and it is completely rude. Now for the feast!”

The greatest cooks in the Kingdom of Cruinne came out flanked by tables of the best food eaten in months by the army.

They feasted long into the night, with their joyous merriment ringing far and wide.

Across the river though, things were different…

  1. 1.8.5 says:

    Overall, I think it’s good…sort of a cliff-hanger. There’s a few turns that I like. I honestly haven’t read much “fantasy” stuff, so I don’t really have anything to compare it too…

    Waiting for part 2!

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