“It” Has Returned…

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Random Stuff

It’s white. It’s fluffy. It tastes like water mixed with data bits and programming language. That is because its chemical formula is H2O101010 It is taking over WordPress blogs everywhere. What is it? I dread to tell you the name. Today marks the return of…


An old effect that WordPress has put back on, you can change what direction the snow is moving just by waving your mouse this way and that. To do so, imagine your mouse cursor is the wind. Then “push” the snow to fall to the left, right, or straight down. Enjoy the CYBERSNOW!*

Get yourself some hot cocoa. With whipped cream and marshmallows preferably.

*Imagine a robot type voice.

  1. A says:

    I can say this: I love snow on a blog way more than I love snow in real life!

  2. 1 .8. 5 says:

    haha…I can just imagine you with a robot type voice. 😛
    We’ve gotten almost 3 inches of the real stuff this year already! (A terrific record for us “Suhthenuhs”) Of course it was gone within a day. But oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

  3. WordCrafter says:

    Where I live, we got about 14 inches on average! We finally have tarted to see grass.

  4. 240 says:

    We’s got a lot of snow in SD. Like 5 feet and its snowing alot right now too. ITS COLD!

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