Chapter 4.1

Posted: October 12, 2009 in The Epic of Verarde
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I couldn’t resist this, and the whole chapter was taking too long for everyone to wait much longer.


The Epic of Verarde

Chapter 4


            “Be careful today,” Daniel’s mom yelled after them. “We don’t want any collisions with archrivals this game.” She smiled.

            Daniel looked at Rachel.

            “You told her?”

            Rachel looked down. “Mom couldn’t get you to tell her anything, so she asked me. You know how it is.”

            Daniel grinned. “I’ll get you!” She squealed and ran off. Daniel chased her, calling, “Get back here!” Behind them, their mom smiled, then went inside.

*     *     *     *     *


       She immediately went upstairs, almost on a run, to the office. The children’s father was there.

       “What’s the negotiations status?”

        He shook his head. “No luck.”

       “What do they want?” she asked.

        “They won’t say.”

        “We ended that part of our lives 13 years ago, Brian. Why do they need us now?”

       “I don’t know. I suspect they have noticed Daniel and Rachel.”

       She gasped. “Brian, are you thinking — no, they wouldn’t dare.”

      Brian nodded. “I’m sorry, Lisa. But right now your job is to keep watch on them. Look for any move they make on the kids. We can’t let them take Daniel and Rachel.”

       “I’ll pick them up after their soccer game.”

       “Good idea. In fact, I’ll come with you. It’s time to take out what has been put behind. Time to reclaim our rightful position.”

       She nodded and left. When she was gone, Brian sat in his chair and thought. What would he do? How would he and his wife reclaim their rightful positions? How would he protect his children and family? A million questions spun through his mind, each one presenting a fresh challenge needing an answer.

       He jumped up and closed all the curtains in the room. He went to the closet and tapped in a code on the inside right wall. The wall slid open, revealing a room with an old box inside. The box was long and rectangular but wide enough to hold a gun.  He slid it out of the room, out of the closet, and into the office. The box was brown, with two locks. The locks looked new, but in fact the box had come there 13 years prior and hadn’t been opened since.

       Again, he sat in his chair, looked at it, and thought. He knew that if he did this it would be a treasonous action and would likely result in the death penalty — for him and his whole family. Then he stood. He knelt and opened the box, first the two hinges, then the lid. A shine filled the room as he lifted out a radiant sword. The remaining light in the room gleamed off the word on the hilt.


       He took out a leather belt and metal scabbard and strapped them around his waist. He put the sword in the scabbard and then, thinking better of it, took it  out. He opened the curtains and light flooded the room. He drew the sword, the sound ringing throughout the house. He held it straight and pointing forward.

       Then Brian Verarde said, “It is time.”

*     *     *     *     *


Copyright 2009

Fourthmanstanding Publishing

  1. A says:

    This story rocks!

  2. the steelers fan that justed watched fetch says:

    its time for WHAT…..just kidding what ever “it” is im sure it can wait. 🙂

    I am really enjoying the story and cant wait for the rest

    the steelers rock

  3. thisoldsoul says:

    I like making it so that people are wondering what happens next!

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