Chapter 2

Posted: July 31, 2009 in The Epic of Verarde
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Continuing the saga of “The Epic of Verarde” … enjoy!


Chapter 2

        Daniel didn’t need a ride home. His house was so close to the field that he was able to walk — or run if he was late — the four blocks back and forth every Monday, Thursday and Saturday for practice and games. Often, his sister Rachel joined him.

            Today was one of those times. They walked slowly, enjoying the calm Saturday afternoon and making sure Daniel was OK after his in-game collision.

            Solomon Marks was walking with them as well. He was a quiet guy, skinny and with only a thin lining of hair atop his head, but as loyal a friend as they came.

            “That was a close one. It’s a good thing that the Raptors didn’t pursue the ball,” Daniel said.

            “I agree. If they had attacked you, it surely would have been a tie. I did think that you were going to make the penalty kick. But I got over my surprise — and got in position for that great pass,” Solomon said.

            “Thanks. You know, we can’t forget Heinwurst. He got us that penalty kick. Wherever you are, Rick, thanks!”

            They all cracked up. Daniel thought to himself, “And thanks again for that odd vision I saw, Rick.” For the time being, Daniel had made up his mind to not tell anyone about what he had seen.

            He looked towards the sky. It had darkened considerably.

            “We had better speed up. I don’t want to get caught in the storm.”

            Solomon nodded, and they quickened their steps. Eventually, they came to the  park near their block. By now, the storm was almost on top of them. Lightning was starting to flash. Thunder rumbled, and dark grey clouds shot past. It was close to 8 p.m., and it was harder to see. They began jogging then broke into a run, which turned into a sprint. The lightning flashed more and now the thunder roared, sounding unnervingly closer each time.

            The sidewalk passed a rock face, which stretched up about 50 feet. As they passed the face, lightning struck. Daniel glanced up and gasped. A boulder was perched precariously atop the cliff’s edge. The lightning had struck it, making the boulder rock forward and slowly begin tumbling down towards Daniel, Rachel and Solomon.

            Rachel screamed and ran. Daniel was stuck in slow motion. So was Solomon.

            “Daniel!” screamed Rachel, turning back towards them. Solomon broke from his stupor and ran towards Daniel, intending to knock him out of the way. Just as he was about to hit him, Solomon tripped. 

            The boulder rolled closer, sounding like continuous machine-gun fire. Closer and closer it came, with nothing to stop it from crushing Daniel and snuffing his life out like a candle.

            Then the most wonderful yet strangest thing happened. A lone man — or was it a horse? — loomed on top of the cliff. It bounded down with amazing agility and speed. Solomon and Rachel had taken no notice, for each had either covered their eyes or had turned away, leaving Daniel to his fate. The man-horse continued on his way down. Now the boulder was closer to Daniel, rolling and rolling. Just as it was about to crush him, the man-horse put on a great burst of speed.

            The boulder landed on him, but instead of falling underneath its weight, the man-horse lifted it off him. It then did the strangest thing. It yelled at Daniel in English.

            “Go!” it cried and ran off.

            Daniel scrambled to his feet and got away just as a second boulder landed right where he had been a moment before. Daniel made it to his friend and sister and shook Rachel on the shoulder. She jumped around, screamed for happiness, and started to hug him. Daniel gently disengaged her and glanced at Solomon. He was looking off like there was something he was watching. Daniel followed his gaze. A cloud of dust was off in the distance. Daniel turned around, certain Solomon hadn’t seen it.

            They walked off, with Rachel’s continuous asking of how he got away in one ear, and the cryptic stare of Solomon in the other.

            Daniel took one last glance at the cliffside. What appeared to be a door in the top had just closed! Daniel quickly turned around, pretending he hadn’t seen anything. He stole a look at Solomon. He didn’t appear to have seen anything. But you could never tell with him.   

To be continued…

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Copyright 2009 Santos DeBarros

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    awesome! Im getting on the computer just to read this.
    keep up nthe good work. 🙂

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