National Spelling Bee Recap!

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Random Stuff

I did not win the bee. However, I did much better than last year, which makes me extremely pleased, because that was my goal.

 The winner, though, was Kavya Shivashankar, from Olathe, Kansas who correctly spelled “Laodicean” to win the Bee. It was a tense match between her, Tim Ruiter, and Aishwarya Pastapur, as the three clawed their way to the championship finals. A surprising elimination was that of Sidharth Chand, last year’s runner-up who was eliminated before the real battle began on “apodyterium”. His spelling was “apodeiterium”. Even so, the night belonged to Kavya Shivashankar, as she used her signature way of writing on her hand as she spelled her words to propel her to victory.

I hope anyone from the Bee who is reading this had a great time, and if you are still eligible to return, good luck!

Incidentally, I did not copy this from somewhere, although it looks like I did. I wrote this with my own fingers.

  1. 1 .8. 5 says:

    Great post!
    unfortunately, this was my last year. oh well, I had a lot of fun while it lasted! 😉 maybe I can get my younger siblings interested…there’s a challenge for the summer!

  2. thisoldsoul says:

    Yes. I am also planning on training my younger brother to become a spelling bee champ. I have to figure out how I’ll do it though.

  3. 1 .8. 5 says:

    well if you come up with any cool ideas, let me know! 😀

    I think I might try to make up spelling games and such.

    oh, have you ever heard of “Rummy Roots”? It’s an awesome way to learn the roots of words and what they mean…and it’s a lot of fun to play it! 😉

  4. thisoldsoul says:

    No I have not. Let me guess, it’s like Rummy but the cards have roots on them instead of numbers? Right?

  5. 1 .8. 5 says:

    lol yeah basically.

    Oh, I have a qestion as to how you studied.
    Did you just randomly skim the dictionary, study the CWL, or what?

  6. thisoldsoul says:

    I studied CWL and a Hexco product called Why isn’t Phonetic spelled the way it sounds? I also studied the dictionary and Spell It!

  7. 1 .8. 5 says:


    LOL that’s something I’ve always wondered….”why isn’t phonetic spelled the way it sounds?”

    Yeah I’m working on a board game using the 2009 Spell It!. It’s going kinda slow…with everything else from baseball to softball to 4-H to my horse to the farm, etc!

  8. ZZ says:

    Maybe we’ll find each other when our brothers are competing.

  9. thisoldsoul says:

    Hey man, how are you doing? It’s funny how a lot of people I’ve met at the Bee are all coming on to visit my blog.

  10. thisoldsoul says:

    A board game? Really? How does it work?

  11. 272 says:

    hey! its me. yeah, im one of another of those people who found ur blog cause of the Bee.
    so, how ya doin?

  12. sp 240 (guess who?) says:

    yeah you know I was at the spelling bee too…

    I was glad that I got to go and meet new peepz (inc. you)…

    The phonetic comment is funny…Why isn’t “onomatopoeia” an onomatopoeia?

    What comes next in the sequence?
    crustacean, kumquat, ______________

    (Answer: antidisestablishmentarianism) on radio ad

  13. ZZ says:

    Yeah, we all have nothing better to do with our time.

  14. speller291 says:

    Hey!I loved the National Spelling Bee! I had the best time ever and made more friends than I have in probably three years. Possibly more.
    I am trying to convince my little sister to try and win my state bee this year, so that I can come back and see all my buddies from this year who are returning. If not, I will manage somehow.
    So what’s up?

    I just totally had a bee flashback. You probably don’t remember but…”Dr.Bailey on espresso!!!!!”

  15. thisoldsoul says:

    Oh hi! Ladies and gentlemen, now entering the halls of thisoldsoul, the state spelling champion of Wyoming!
    Wow, that was funny. I do remember it. That was a good 30 minutes of uncontrollable, spontaneous jokes, one after another. How are you?

  16. speller291 says:

    I’m doing pretty well. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was in Nebraska. How are you?

  17. sp 240 (guess who?) says:

    I don’t get the espresso thing…
    So, yeah… I hope I make it back next year!

  18. sp 240 says:

    Hey good news-I just won my school spelling bee for the third consecutive time and I am going to a regional bee for the fourth straight time! So, awesome blog!

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