Posted: May 20, 2009 in Updates
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Well, on Monday I got my braces taken off. Finally after one and a half years of waiting (possibly more). They’re off. Mmmm, M&M’s. Stupid retainer. Stop coming off!!!! Sorry about that.

Anyway, the revision is on schedule and I can’t wait to publish.

Also, I will be a contestant in the 2009 National Spelling Bee. I am not at liberty to disclose my contestant number, but I can say that this is my second year and I am very excited. Anyway…

Till next time,


  1. nukeboy says:

    great about the braces.
    cant read to read the book.
    and…GOOD LUCK IN THE BEE!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    nukeboy[or luke dog whichever you prefere[mispelled it didnt I] lol

  2. 272 says:

    hey “thisoldsoul” its me. im at school right now, its really boring. so how are you doing?

  3. thisoldsoul says:

    I’m doing great, how are you? Ah, the revelation hits. You’re Rubik’s Cube kid, right? Andrew, from the Bee? I guessed because I thought it was someone from the Bee and then figured out 272 was your number. Are you homeschooled or public schooled? I homeschool.

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