The Amazing Race Season Finale!

Posted: May 11, 2009 in The Amazing Race

Ah, another season of The Amazing Race has ended. This year, the winner was two brother and sister lawyers, Tammy and Victor. The gang first had to season a 145 lb. pig, then carry it up a long beach to a luau. They then had to cover it with a traditional covering before receiving their next clue. They then had to take a personal water craft along a 1.6 mile route to where a group of 100 buoys was located. They then had to find 1 0f 4 buoys that would reveal the next clue. The next job was the roadblock in which they always have the team member try to remember what happened in which leg of the race. In this one they had to make a surfboard fence  where the pictures were on the surfboards. Luke and Margie arrived first and Margie said that he had been preparing for this. Luke got off to a quick start and quickly put up 9 out of 11 boards. He then started struggling with the next two and Victor and Jaime showed up. Victor was able to figure it out and quickly made it through the Roadblock. Jaime struggled with the first picture but eventually made it out second. Luke and Margie finished a disappointing third.

The final standings for the 14th season of  The Amazing Race:

1. Tammy and Victor

2.Jaime and Cara

3.Margie and Luke

4.Kisha and Jen

5.Mark and Michael

6.Mel and Mike

7.Christie and Jodi

8.Amanda and Kris

9.Brad and Victoria

10.Steve and Linda

11.Preston and Jennifer

  1. luke dog says:

    u know whats really sad…. and its not true…
    but i bet luke thinks its his fault…poor guy

    the luke dog

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