The Amazing Race Week 6 Recap

Posted: March 23, 2009 in The Amazing Race

Another week of The Amazing Race  is complete, and this week the eliminated team was Christie and Jodi. More on that in a few paragraphs.

The race started out with the team being told to fly to Jaipur, India and find a sacred tree. Underneath the tree were telephones with directions saying to call one of the numbers for their next clue. That told the teams to head to the Amber Fort where they performed a roadblock in which they had to dump camel feed up to a certain point and put water in a troughuntil the water spilled out of a hole in the side of the trough. Mel and Mike made up some ground here. Mel obeyed the directions the correct way by using the baskets for the feed instead of the buckets for both, which everyone else was doing. This helped them catch up.

After this the teams were told to go to a puppet store to get their next clue.

The teams then had a detour. Movers or Shakers. In Movers, they had to bicycle their way 1.5 miles through the crowded streets to this gate. While carrying  bunches of barrels of hay. After that they would unload , and search through the buckets for a metal elephant which they presented to a nearby man for their next clue. Mark and Michael did this and it cost them some time.

In Shakers, the teams had to put on traditional costumes and collect 100 rupees while dancing, then present it to the band leader who would give then their next clue.

The clue told them to go to the Pit Stop, Jaigarh Fort. The teams arrived in this order:

1. Tammy and Victor

2. Mel and Mike

3. Kisha and Jen

4. Margie and Luke

5. Jaime and Cara

6. Mark and Michael

7. Christie and Jodi

After receiving a passover of elimination, C&J had to do a Speed Bump, a task only they had to complete. This was painting an elephant to a local mahout’s satisfaction. This cost them some time and resulted in their elimination.

Tammy and Victor won an ocean kayak each as a reward for their win of the leg.

Next week: Margie looks like she collapses at the finish line.

  1. the luke man [no not the deaf one] says:

    o go luke and margie because thats my name 🙂

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