The Amazing Race Week 5 Recap

Posted: March 16, 2009 in The Amazing Race

Well, another leg is over and another team has been eliminated— or not! Christie and Jodi finished last in this leg, but were surprised to hear this was 1 of 2 non-elimination legs. Even so, this means they’ll have to complete a Speed Bump, which is a task only they have to complete.

The winners were Luke and Margie, and their prize was a trip to Saint Lucia.

In order of finish:

1.Luke and Margie

2.Tammy and Victor

3. Jaime and Cara

4.Mel and Mike

5.Mark and Michael

6.Kisha and Jen

7.Christie and Jodi

Next week it looks like they’ll be in India taking care of camels. Be there!

  1. AD says:

    This season is missing some of the “characters” that we so loved to jeer in the past, like the frat boys. All these people seem interesting but bland.

  2. the luke man [no not the deaf one] says:

    dude im so glad about your posts on the amazing race because i havent been able to catch any of the episodes yet so this is really helpful. :] if that made a smiley face then this should work. :|] if not oh well luke the cool dog

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