The Amazing Race 14 Week 1

Posted: February 16, 2009 in The Amazing Race

Well, here’s a new topic for me. I hope other people out there like this show. It’s a great mixture of comedy, challenge and reality game show racing.

Last week we started the fourteenth season of: ” A race around the world.”

The teams are, in order of finish:

1. Margie and Luke

2. Tammy and Victor

3. Mark and Michael

4. Mel and Mike

5. Amanda and Kris

6.Brad and Victoria

7.Jaime and Cara

8.Kisha and Jen

9. Steve and Linda

10. Christie and Jodi

11. Preston and Jennifer

Last week Preston and Jennifer were eliminated after failing to find the pit stop by going the wrong way. Christie and Jodi made it instead. The first deaf contestant, Luke, of Margie and Luke wants to show the world that deaf people can do things to, at which you could see Victor crying off to the side. The two won a trip to Mexico for being in first at the Pit Stop.

There were no detours in this leg, but there was a great roadblock in which contestants bungee-jumped off the second highest dam in the world. This cost Christie and Jodi some time as Jodi felt sick and did not want to do it, but eventually did. One hilarious part was where contestants had to go up a slick, muddy hill and transport 200 lbs. of cheese down using traditional methods (or not!). The best part was when they would slip and fall, the carrier would break, and the cheese would go rolling down the hill. THAT was hilarious!! The title of this episode “Don’t let a cheese hit me”, is from Mel, who said that after watching a cheese roll away right next to him.

Next week, it seems that Margie and Luke get “creamed”, and some team , I forget who, has another argument which, as always, will be resolved at the end with beautiful music and the saying of how they want to be with each other and how much they love each other.

  1. AD says:

    Go cheese!

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