2009 National League Preview

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Baseball Talk
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Alright, you’ve all been waiting for this moment and here it is. The official 2009 National League baseball season preview!


I’m your host, thisoldsoul, and in this part, I’ll be talking about my picks for the upcoming year, and what certain teams need to do this year. Including my kind of beloved Washington Nationals.

Well, here goes nothing.

National League East

1.Philadelphia Phillies

2. New York Mets

3. Atlanta Braves

4.Florida Marlins

5. Washington Nationals

National League Central

1.Chicago Cubs

2. Milwaukee Brewers

3. Houston Astros

4.St. Louis Cardinals

5. Cincinnati Reds

6.Pittsburgh Pirates

National League West

1.Los Angeles Dodgers

2.Arizona Diamondbacks

3.Colorado Rockies

4.San Diego Padres

5. San Fransisco Giants

Wow, that wasn’t so hard. Oh and my wild card pick is the New York Mets.

P.S. Next Thursday, my picks for the upcoming American League!


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