Michael Phelps

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Random Stuff, Uncategorized
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I can’t believe that Michael Phelps smoked marijuana. That is undoubtedly the worst thing (or one of them) that a role model could do.

And now, the sarcasm show.*

*Sarcasm is being invoked in the following paragraph.

*Wow, Michael Phelps. What a great guy. He goes to Beijing, wins eight gold medals, and comes back and smokes marijuana. Amazing. I think I’ll model my life over him. He is the coolest guy in the world. I’ll smoke marijuana too, and have all my brain cells deteriorate, and lose my memory, and lose all my friends, and die all alone, and…..*


THAT’S why I’m glad I’m not a celebrity.

  1. mrsportman says:

    I wrote a post about what a “Hero” means any more you should read it,
    Thanks so much,
    Mckenzie A Hornyak~

  2. Elizabeth D. says:

    Is this now what it means to be all-American?

  3. the luke man [no not the deaf one] says:


  4. sp 240 (guess who?) says:

    This post seems unfair to me. I mean, Michael Phelps is just another human being! He made a mistake, he took the blame for it, and now, doesn’t he deserve a second chance? You act like celebrities are a different, highly scrutinized, soulless species. They’re just like us! Sure, they’re better at some things than most of us, but WHO CARES? They deserve second chances and privacy too! I hate how the media has blown up the whole Michael Phelps story! GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  5. thisoldsoul says:

    The reason I went ballistic is because he is a role model for young poeple. he should not have set suh a bad example. Now people will think doing that is cool because “Michael Phelps did it”, when it is serious.

  6. sp 240 (guess who?) says:

    good point…

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