Super Bowl XLIII Pick

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Football Talk
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Alright, now I know you’ve all been patient. And here it is! My pick for the 43rd Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida on February 1st. My pick for the Bowl is……………………….  *Drum Roll*

The Pittsburgh Steelers!

I’m picking them over the Cardinals because of their solid defense and great running game.  Their receiving corps is not as good as the Cardinals group but Big Ben is solid and so are their receivers. A sports simulation site ran this game a couple hundred times and got the Steelers winning over 55% of the time, the Cardinals the remaining 45%. I pick again the Steelers, by a score of 23-20, with a winning field goal by Jeff Reed.

But come this Sunday we will know who the 43rd champion will be, either the favored Pitssburgh Steelers or the underdog Arizona Cardinals. And a champion will be crowned and a loser will walk off in defeat.


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