Sunday Wild Card Round Review

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Football Talk

And now. the second part of my wild card review.

The  Baltimore Ravens demolished the Miami Dolphins with a resounding 27-9 defeat of the team. Ed Reed had two interceptions off Chad Pennington, the Dolphins quarterback, who ultimately threw four, a season high for him. One came where Ted Ginn Jr. tripped on a deep throw and Reed easily picked it up and followed excellent blocking all the way back for the touchdown. The Dolphins did score one touchdown, off a beautiful finger tip catch by Ronnie Brown, the halfback. but then missed the ensuing extra point, putting the exclamation mark on a lousy game for the Dolphins. Baltimore will take on the Tennessee Titans next week on Saturday.


The afternoon game pitted the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Minnesota Vikings. The Eagles rode 83 receiving yards, 38 rushing yards and a beautiful screen pass for a touchdown by Brian Westbrook, and had an excellent pass defense. The Vikings did have two touchdowns by Peterson, one a beautiful down field run but it wasn’t enough as the Eagles won 26-14. The Eagles will take on the division Rival, the New York Giants next week.

Well, that concludes my review. Check back next week on Sunday and Monday for more playoff game reviews!

  1. Tony says:

    Still kind of surprised that the Colts are out of it. I like Tony Dungy and think you should read his book! But as interesting as last weekend’s games were, this weekend’s will be tighter because we’re now looking at the best of the best. Who are your picks to win this weekend?

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