Posted: December 23, 2008 in Football Talk

Finally, a Redskins win. And it actually came from a quality opponent. The Eagles’ playoff hopes have now been dashed, and the Redskins have played the spoiler. Next week, they take on the 49ers. USA Today has actually picked the 6-9 49ers over the 8-7 Redskins. Not surprising, considering the poor quality of theri wins and play this season. But jsut think, if the Redskins had been able to beat the Rams and the Bengals, 2 absolutely horrible teams, they would be 10-5. And if they had just one more win versus another team, they would be 11-4 and have a playoff spot virtually locked up.


Now, considering the wild AFC East race.  The Patriots need to defeat the Bills and have the Jets beat the Dolphins to win the division, or have the Ravens lose to the Jaguars and Beat the Bills to get the final wild card. If the Jets beat the Dolphins and the Bills beat the Patriots, the Jets win the division. If the Dolphins win over the Jets, they win the division.

Man, that was tiring.

  1. Tony says:

    With the Redskins out of the picture, I’m hoping we can at least get some local representation with the Ravens in the playoffs. Otherwise, I’m looking for a Giants repeat!

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